How to Play Snooker

Snooker is a variation of billiards played on a long rectangular
shaped table containing 8 pockets – one in each of the corners and one
in the center of each of the long sides. There are fifteen red balls
and six balls of different colors – green, yellow, brown, pink, blue,
and black. Each red ball is worth one point and the colored balls have
different values:

• Yellow - 2

• Green - 3

• Brown – 4

• Blue – 5

• Pink – 6

• Black – 7

The cue ball is white.

Using a cue stick, the player shoots the white cue ball to try to pot
a red ball. If successful, the player then attempts to pot a colored
ball. If this shot is successful, then the colored ball is returned to
its original place and the player then attempts to pot another red
ball. The sequence of a red ball and colored ball continues until the
player fails to sink the ball. Then the opponent starts playing. The
game continues until there are no red balls left on the table.

Once all the red balls have been potted, the game involves potting the
colored balls in ascending order based on their distance from the cue
ball. As each player shoots and pots a ball, the score is added
depending on whether it is a red ball or a colored ball. Fouls in the
game of snooker occur when a player mistakenly hits a colored ball
instead of a red ball. In this case the opponent is awarded an extra 7
points. Other fouls include potting the cue ball along with the ball
or being unable to take a shot based on the position of the cue ball
and the surrounding balls after a player's turn has ended. Foul points
range from 4 to 7 points.

The corners of a snooker table are rounded and the pockets are narrow,
which may be challenging if you are accustomed to other types of
pocket billiards. A snooker match consists of a number of frames,
which is a number of games. The points from all games are totaled and
the player with the most points is the winner.